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Sadly this is my last post. Blogging has been a most pleasant hobby. Thank you all and goodbye       Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis Advertisements

The long-awaited Mobile-Firefox browser is at last ready to roll although it will initially satisfy only the lucky ones that own an HTC Touch Pro. For the rest of us the Mozilla Foundation has issued a consolation letter, a pack of nose tissues and an emulator. Ah an emulator.

Anyone out there remember Cuil?  The Google-killer engine that never was? Here’s a new one for you: Kosmix. It is different from both Google and Cuil in that instead of a list of text results it returns rich content and facts from popular sites such as Flickr, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, the list goes on. […]

Under a new law that takes effect on the 26th of this month even simple possession of specific pornographic material in Britain can mean big trouble. The UK government has specified what characteristics make a material “extreme” while making sure that there won’t be a massive wave of unfair prosecutions. For example one is allowed […]

Not from the Pope, and definitely not from Hollywood. But from According to the site there is a positive side to piracy, at least when it comes to TV-shows. The argument is that “[piracy] has actually helped TV-shows to build a stronger, broader, and more involved fanbase.” Apparently the conclusion is drawn from the […]

A performance comparison on InfoWorld between XP, Vista and 7 has revealed what everyone knew all along: XP outperforms both newer operating systems.Seven was found to be dramatically faster (60% or so) than Vista on dual and quad-core hardware but overall XP was the best performer. According to the site the slowdown in Vista and […]

MS Roadmap


Windows blog UXEvangelist has kindly provided us with this MS roadmap: Apparently 2009 is the year of Office14 and surprise surprise WM7 beta. And before you ask, CY stands for “Calendar Year”.