Pirates rejoice. Your sins are forgiven


Not from the Pope, and definitely not from Hollywood. But from torrentfreak.comlost1sawyerkatejack8fd

According to the site there is a positive side to piracy, at least when it comes to TV-shows. The argument is that “[piracy] has actually helped TV-shows to build a stronger, broader, and more involved fanbase.” Apparently the conclusion is drawn from the fact that the vast majority of TV-show downloads (~90%) is from outside the states, partly due to the fact that non-US channels air the shows many months later and also because legal online streaming services like Hulu are again only available state-side.

Good or bad, here are the top most pirated TV-shows of 2008 along with viewer average for TV in the US: ():

bitTorrent  Source: torrentfreak.com


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