We are all living inside a hologram


In a German facility called GEO600 an accidental discovery has been made, one that may have huge implications on future science. While attempting to detect gravitational waves the researchers stumbled upon some kind of unexplained noise. After ruling out all explanations they were left with the crazy idea of Craig Hogan from Fermilab: The noise can be explained only if the universe is a holographic projection.Matrix1To understand why, think of your computer’s monitor. It is composed of myriads tiny dots that are called pixels and the idea is that the universe has its own “pixels”!

For decades physicists have known that there is a limit to how small something can be, in particular, there can be nothing smaller than the Plank length which is about 10^-35m. But this is only a theoretical construct and no human experiment ,including the GEO600, can see that deep.

At the same time a fundamental principle states that the total information in the universe ought to be equal to the information contained on its “surface”. Given that the inner volume is far larger, the only way for the principle to be satisfied is by assuming that the internal information packets are way larger than the packets on the surface. That would make holographic noise within the reach of state-of-the-art detectors like GEO600 so perhaps the German experiment really is evidence of the holographic nature of our universe. But don’t attempt to dodge bullets just yet.

From New Scientist


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